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Here’s how anyone can start working in the marketing and SEO field

It was 6 years ago when I decided I want to make a blog and I’m glad I did it.

It was soo popular to do it and I thought why not, I could earn huge money and finally buy a car or a fresh phone.

I was learning IT in college then and I knew some stuff about WordPress, servers, websites, etc, but I had no experience with marketing or SEO at all as I was only 19 years old, haha and I came from the countryside. I knew how to throw rocks and fix a PC.

So I said – hell, I’m going to make a tech blog and make it the most popular in my country (it never went viral or had real traffic). So I made system32.lv. Why system32? It’s the main folder for Windows, so I had an idea it will be the main tech blog for Latvia.

Keep in mind that system32.lv right now is my personal travel blog, not a tech website! 

I translated articles from huge authority websites like Engadget, Mashable, TheVerge, etc and shared them on social media. Had some traffic, some comments but otherwise I did not see any point in it. I installed AdSense, but my friends thought that they can make me more money and all together clicked on ads for like 20 minutes. Of course, I got banned from Adsense. I can still see my 14euros in that account.

I still kept translating articles and posting interesting news but I slowly saw that it’s not going anywhere so I decided to learn about internet marketing. Keep in mind that I had knowledge only about Adsense, that’s it.


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