Elvis Meisters


SEO and WordPress Prices

Speed Optimization
Speed optimization of your site
Website cleaning
Plugin and theme alternatives
Suggestion what to do better
1 month of free consulations
Plan 2
$500 per month
Link building to rank better
Get your ranking to TOP 3
Fix all SEO issues
Learn about your competitors
2 months of free consulations
Plan 3
SEO Optimization
Ranking tracking
Backlink audit
SEO audit
3 months of free consulations

What's included in the price

If you will decide to use my services then I promise that you will be satisfied and I if you won't be, I will work with you till you are! As the prices are not written in stone, you can always talk about them. Your budget is my salary and I like my salary even if it will be low, so it means even if you have a low budget, we can still work together!

So, in the price of speed optimization, there are 2 types.

  1. Simple Speed Optimization - this is for you if you have a nice site you just need to drop down a few seconds of the loading speed.
  2. If you have a larger site, really unoptimized or it has WooComerce, then the price will be higher, but we can also talk about hourly payment.

In the best case, it would be good if you just hit me a message with your desires. In the simpler words - if your site needs to be faster, you don't rank but you want, you want audits - I'm here for it. So use Contact screen and let's talk further! 🙂